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Facing the development of technology as well as the requirements of international integration, under the pressure of employment of Vietnamese youth. Identifying the context of how to get a job for students who have just graduated from high school is a very difficult problem for them. Therefore, the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, NgheAn University of Economics has approached to train learners in the direction of creating "jobs".

As we all know, Vietnam is an agricultural country, in which, livestock and farming are two key industries in the development of the country. Especially when the Livestock industry in recent years has been developing more and more, especially in the direction of industrialization and modernization, it will bring higher productivity, profit, and economic efficiency, towards the creation of new products. To produce clean, disease-safe products, to ensure the health of animals and people, the demand for technicians and veterinarians is increasingly concerned and focused.

In addition, businesses are increasingly paying attention to the human factor, which is a key stage in the entire production process. Every year, there are many businesses and companies in the field of Animal Feed, Veterinary Medicines and its products (Vaccines, trace minerals, Premic, ...) always have a need to recruit skilled technicians. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate veterinarian with a very attractive salary, usually 5-8 million / month for starting salary, accommodation, with full health insurance regimes …, (Greenfeed Company, De Heus, Joint Stock Company, Mitraco, Golden Pig, ...). Or it can be said practically that, Veterinary Medicine is one of the industries that receive a lot of attention today.

For this field of study, graduates will have useful knowledge and practical experiences in their hands, helping them to find jobs in their favorite industries with similar economic incomes. relatively high.


By majoring in Veterinary Medicine, learners will have access to practical and theoretical knowledge about the state management of Veterinary Medicine, or learners will have more extensive professional knowledge such as: pathological process when animals are sick; medical diseases, surgical diseases, obstetric diseases, infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, ... and methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases for livestock.

At the same time, learners will practice independent skills in in-depth veterinary research, bacterial and viral isolation procedures in disease diagnosis. Since then, helping each student to apply knowledge in production practice, in the organization - management of establishments, farms and enterprises producing and trading veterinary drugs.


Learners after graduating from Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, NgheAn University of Economics can immediately confirm their job opportunities:

- Become an official member of enterprises producing and trading in raw materials, products, pharmaceutical chemicals for veterinary use, enterprises that organize research, production and sales of veterinary products: veterinary drugs. medicine, vaccines, drug packages, tools for medical examination and treatment of animals.

- Having the opportunity to teach at Universities, Colleges, Professional High Schools, Vocational Schools; High schools, Government and non-governmental organizations related to agricultural management and veterinary technology transfer, organizations implementing projects on surveillance, prevention and control of animal diseases ; Quarantine animal products, ensure the hygiene and safety of products derived from animals.

- Become technicians at farms, parks, zoos, animal quarantine stations at airports, border gates, quarantine stations in communes, districts and provinces.

- Capable of being independent in establishing pet hospitals, clinics and treating pets (dogs, cats,...). As follows:

+ In the management and directing agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture, there will be officials involved in the direction of disease prevention and control for animals. Participating in disease surveillance programs, researching and manufacturing drugs, vaccines, biological products, etc.

+ In businesses, farms raising pigs, chickens, dairy cows, your job position can provide technical advice on care and food suitable for each stage of growth and development of livestock. . Especially veterinary technical advice such as vaccination for cattle and poultry, advice when pets are sick.How to handle when an epidemic occurs, etc. Or directly provide technical advice to businesses. This type of job will be suitable for men, a dynamic and healthy job, such as Technical Manager for chicken, pig and cow farms... high.

+ Veterinary clinic, or Veterinary Hospital: Pet Care", current pet care services include: Examination and treatment of diseases for dogs and cats.

Pet care and beauty with services: Cosmetic ear cutting, Hair trimming, bathing, pet spa are being loved by many young pet lovers.

+ Drug stores and veterinary drug products.

Therefore, Veterinarian training has been chosen by many young people in Vietnam as well as in developed countries to set up a career.

+ Job opportunities at: Universities and research agencies: Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Diagnostic Centers, Provincial Veterinary Sub-Departments, Regional Veterinary Sub-Departments, Domestic Animal Quarantine Stations, Stations Quarantine animals at the International Border Gate. District Veterinary Station, Traffic hubs, Animal Slaughter Control Facilities, Veterinary Hygiene Inspection, Provincial Departments of Agriculture, Provincial Veterinary Sub-Departments, District Agriculture Departments, Veterinary Stations , Agricultural Extension Station, Veterinary Officer at the facility….v.v..


The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, NgheAn University of Economics is the first veterinary training institution in the country with the "practicing to establish a career" approach. With the "lowest training cost", with "moderate class size", learners can practice their professional skills the most at the school's laboratories, at manufacturing enterprises, and at other sites. farm. Learners are allowed to participate in life skills training classes, skills to adapt and survive in any environment, with the goal: "Students graduate with jobs right away" and the motto "Your success begins." from here”.

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